Andrew VictoryMy son’s the one in blue. With his arm raised in victory. I do love when this happens.

Debbie's Christmas Stocking

Every Christmas we hang my husband’s sister’s, stocking over our hearth with the rest of our Christmas stockings although Debbie’s been gone since before I met her brother. This tradition never fails to make me wistful, wishing we’d had a chance to know each other.

Brussels SproutsI love Brussels Sprouts, which is weird because I hate most cooked vegetables. I suspect it is because I associate them with British Sunday dinners.

Christmas VillageBack when my husband and I were first married I wished for more Christmas decorations. My mother-in-law granted my wish with an old Fanny May box of handmade cardboard, glitter and magic marker house ornaments with a sorry looking fir tree and a plastic elf or two thrown in for good measure. I think I put them out a few times when the kids were young, but then threw them in the “these are not for display” box of decorations.

This year my daughter decorated the house. She found the box of unacceptable ornaments and placed them around the house too, exclaiming how much she loved them. The ornaments from my mother-in-law were placed on top of the china cabinet.

I think they look rather nice, don’t you?

Brown Marmorated stink bug

Husband: Those stinkbugs stink when you squish them.
Me: Then don’t squish them.

These annoying insects are harmless indoors, except for the stench they make when crushed, but I understand they are harmful to crops.

Their shells are quite lovely, close-up though, don’t you agree?